How Much Is My House Worth?

What is my house worth?

Starting out on a journey to find out what is your house worth in the current market can be a key step when considering if it’s time to sell your Auckland property.

Many people start with the usual online portals to determine the current market value. Most of these portals are based on computer-generated algorithms, and while they can give you an indicative idea of your properties value, it will not cover any nuances that are specific to your property such as level of renovation, consented or unconsented works, views or aspect or even for that matter school zones.

Understanding the current market value of your home is important when selling, as it manages your expectations about what to expect out of the process. Obtaining a professional real estate appraisal from Sarah Tiplady and Julie Kelman Poto ensures you get a comprehensive and insightful evaluation. The appraisal would not only consider the recent comparable sales in your area, but also provide a recommended and likely selling range based on a thorough analysis of both the sales and current market dynamics.

What is my house worth?
Sarah and Julie also focus on your digital journey and understand where your property sits online from your prospective buyers’ point of view. Sometimes, these things need to be reviewed and amended prior to the sale process.

Additionally having a personalised consultation guides you in presenting your home to the market and achieve a top result. This is all part of the standard appraisal practice with Sarah, Julie and their team.

How much is my property worth now?

How much is my property worth now is a pivotal question when considering selling your home. The value of your home is not static as it undulates within the context of the current market conditions. For example, in a hot Auckland property market, your house might be worth 200,000 above CV. Whereas in a lower market, your house might be below CV as far as the market is concerned. This is one of the reasons that online portals also fluctuate with the values of your home.

Professional real estate agent who knows the Auckland market well, such as Sarah and Julie, will be able to give you an updated value of what your property is worth now. This valuation takes into consideration the conditions of the current market and the nuances of your individual property. It is worth noting that real estate appraisals are legally valid for three months, making it a natural starting point if you’re contemplating putting your Auckland property on the market.

What is the estimated value of my home?

What does it mean to get a property estimate of the value of my home? Will real estate agents give me a number of what my home will sell for? Will I get a range? What is the estimated value of my home? How do I find out what my house is worth now?

These are all very common questions that people ask to understand what their property will sell for in any given market. For your real estate agents to evaluate the value of your home, they must look at the data about your property and also inspect your property. An evaluation of your home must consider factors such as recent comparable sales, the property condition, the cladding, the position, the school zones, and proximity to amenities – and weigh this within the state of the current market.

Having an open and transparent conversation about the value of your home will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the factors that influence your home’s value in the current market. Not to mention, it’s always best to have a well-informed start to your selling process. It is worth noting that some agents will promise high prices through the selling process and then not be able to deliver on those prices – in the industry, this is called ‘buying the listing’.

Sarah and Julie prefer a direct approach that allows you to make well-informed decisions. Experience has shown them that giving people the best possible realistic appraisal of their property and then exceeding the expectations of the appraisal for the selling process is a much better way of doing business! Nobody likes to feel misled or disappointed, and its one of the things that can give selling agents a bad name.
To find out what your home is worth and avoid frustration, smoke screens and disappointment – contact Sarah and Julie for a free property appraisal.