About Sarah & Julie

Award Winning Harcourts Agent & Harcourts Business Owner

Julie Kelman Poto is one of the most capable and qualified people in the Harcourts JK Realty business.

She is qualified not only as a licensed salesperson but also has an Agent’s License, enabling her to check the legalities of contracts and advise salespeople on their obligations under the REA. She is also a part owner of the JK Realty Harcourts franchise and has completed the Harcourts Leadership Program.

Julie has extensive insight and experience in the real estate business, overseeing rental divisions, mortgage divisions and office administration for busy real estate offices. Julie has also completed her full Real Estate Agent Licensee papers, bringing a deeper understanding of all of the legal aspects of real estate transactions.

These industry qualifications, combined with her roles as Head of Administration and head of oversight of the rental division, bring a wealth of knowledge to her already successful sales career as part of one of the top award-winning sales teams: Sarah & Julie from Auckland Real Estate Agents.

Julie Kelman-Poto – An Award-Winning Auckland Real Estate Agent

Julie is no stranger to success and high performance following an extensive career in National Level Netball and Basketball in New Zealand. Julie’s involvement with New Zealand Sport continues to this day, as she coaches high-performance athletes and competes in various netball and basketball teams. Sporting excellence is in her blood, and it’s a common joke around the office that she only raises professional athletes, with both of her adult children playing professional basketball for New Zealand.

Julie has a cool head and a no-nonsense approach. This is exceptionally helpful in solving problems in any real estate context. With her significant administration expertise, there’s almost no problem that she cannot solve, from Digital valuations to council documentation. She is the master of getting things sorted in the office and absolutely the go-to person for people who need to get things done.

In terms of work ethics, Julie is not easily flapped and can deal with difficult people and can make problems disappear. Most people have no idea they are getting so much more than a real estate agent, but a management guru and an administration mastermind all wrapped up into one.

Paired with the team’s mix of talents, this makes the Auckland Real Estate agents’ crew a success and a genuinely enjoyable experience for so many clients.

Sarah Tiplady from Harcourts

Award Winning Licensed Real Estate Salesperson & Marketing Guru

If you are looking for a Harcourts Agent you can trust, there’s a reason so many clients turn towards Sarah Tiplady. Sarah grew up in the central suburbs of Auckland and knows Mount Eden, Sandringham, Mt Albert and Epsom like the back of her hand.

Sarah also grew up in the Grammar zone and attended Epsom Girls Grammar School herself. She knows many of the nuances of Mount Eden, such as its streets, zoning, and the different schools and options for families. Clients love talking to her about the history of the area and all the amenities on offer which gives them peace of mind that a local area expert is selling their home.

Sarah and her own family live in Sandringham, where their three children have attended the local school and now attend schools in Epsom. Sarah completely understands the challenge that many families face when selling real estate or approaching the real estate market with a young family in the house. Her warmth and understanding towards clients and support through the selling process gives them the confidence and expertise they need to get a successful result and have a good experience at the same time! With her warm vibes and a good dose of humour, she knows how to make everyone feel at home. It’s like the secret ingredient that brings sellers and buyers together!

Sarah brings her wealth of experience from over 20 years working in the marketing and advertising industry; none of this is wasted in real estate. Qualified with a University Degree and an already successful career as an account director working with some of the top firms in New Zealand, Sarah had a comprehensive understanding of managing client relationships and the importance of launching a product to the public with the right marketing to make it a raging success. These skills, whilst not necessary to become a real estate agent in New Zealand, are an added bonus for clients who have benefited from her ability to target their property correctly to the right audience group.

A background in marketing works!

One of the first properties Sarah has ever sold nearly ten years ago was a failed campaign from a leading competitor brand that was incorrectly presented to the market. Sarah’s ability to re-engineer the marketing and her use of significant props with the right brand associate for the target market meant this property achieved more than 400,000 more only six weeks later.

When you talk to Sarah, ask her about the story of the Verve Cliquot and how that turned around an entire marketing campaign for one of her very first clients in real estate! This particular client had rave reviews for Sarah Tiplady, and it was only her second sale then.

“Although she had only been in real estate a very short time, I had known Sarah her whole life and knew full well she could sell ice to Eskimos. That combined with her marketing background meant I could trust her to solve what had been a very difficult situation selling a much-loved family property. I was not wrong, and the additional money she secured for the property was beyond our wildest dreams. She was like a duck to water.”

harcourts agents auckland

Sarah Tiplady – An Award-Winning Real Estate Agent Auckland

With the superior marketing and communication that Sarah Tiplady brought into the real estate industry, it’s no surprise that Sarah quickly became an award-winning agent in her own right. Matched with her real estate partner Julie, their combined skills meant that in their first year of business, they quickly became the top salespeople in their franchise across three Harcourts offices.

Today, Sarah and Julie have over $120 million of real estate sold under their belt and have worked on everything from stunning villas, luxury apartments, brick and tile units, estate sales, renovation projects, family homes, investment properties, whole buildings, home and income, land and sections and new developments.

Their experience within the industry is vast, with clients from all walks of life. Being focused on looking after people means they can ensure that all their clients receive the care and respect they need when selling their Auckland home.

While Sarah and Julie focus on selling real estate in central Auckland, many of their clients call on them to sell in West Auckland or North Auckland as required. In fact, many of their loyal clients will only use them regardless of their property’s location because of their unique style of ensuring a property is correctly presented to the market – along with their personal way of dealing with clients and supporting them through the sales process.

Choose an Award-Winning Real Estate Agent

Apart from being frequent winners of quarterly sales awards for sales performance at Harcourts, these are some of the annual awards for recognition That Sarah and Julie have achieved together at Harcourts over the last ten years.
#2 Sales Consultants JK Realty Group 2022-2023
#1 Customer Service Award JK Realty 2022-2023
#2 Sales Consultants JK Realty Group 2022-2021
#1 Customer Service Award JK Realty 2021-2022
#2 Sales Consultants JK Realty Group 2020-2021
#1 Customer Service Award JK Realty 2020-2021
#1 Sales Consultants JK Realty Group 2019-2020
#1 Sales Consultants Harcourts Mount Albert 2019 – 2020
#1 Customer Service Award JK Realty 2018-2019
#1 Sales Consultants Harcourts Mount Albert 2018-2019
#1 Sales Consultants JK Realty Group 2018-2019
#1 Sales Consultants JK Realty Group 2017-2018
#1 Highest Value Sale JK Realty 2017-2018
#1 Most Improved Performance JK Realty 2017-2018
#1 Sales Consultants Harcourts Mount Albert 2017-2018
#1 Sales Consultants JK Realty Group 2016-2017
#1 Sales Consultants Harcourts Mount Albert 2016-2017

Winnie Ye – Chinese Real Estate Agent in Auckland

Multilingual licensed real estate. Professional & sales associate to Sarah and Julie

Bringing over 20 years of sales experience to the table, including an accomplished real estate career, Winnie blends sales and commercial acumen with a passion for property. Fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese, her superb communication skills allow her clients to feel at ease, confident that their property is in world-class hands.

As a part of the award-winning team with Sarah and Julie, Winnie is the backbone behind a comprehensive list of sold properties and satisfied clients. Her strong understanding of the investment market is based on her own experience, allowing her to play an integral role in her client’s property success.

Client testimonial

Working with a bilingual Chinese and English real estate agent like Winnie ensures effective communication with a diverse pool of potential buyers . It is not just about language but about creating a connection and experience that transcends cultural boundaries, which is particularly useful in negotiation.

Client testimonial for Winnie.
“Winnie has helped me purchase a house as well as sell a house. She is a prompt and trustworthy consultant with great patience and excellent communication skills.”

WeChat for Selling Real Estate

Another huge bonus for clients with Winnie in the team is her utilisation of digital marketing platforms targeted at the Chinese market. Winnie Ye is WeChat expert and leverages this to maximise the exposure of your property.

WeChat is a widely used platform in the Chinese-speaking community and has become a powerful channel to showcase your property to this audience group. The platform has a vast international, national, and local audience which provides a competitive edge as buyers find properties this way and feel they can communicate on a familiar platform that suits them. With Winnie on the team, your property is not just listed on the standard channels, it’s also strategically presented to capture the audience on WeChat, thus increasing the likelihood of a very successful sale to this market. Winnie says that at least 20% of her buyers and clients come from her presence, friends and associates on the WeChat platform.

Real Estate Agent That’s Value for Money

Harcourts agents Sarah and Julie absolutely love working with Winnie, as she is always the first person there with the flag out and everything ready to go. She’s also not shy of getting out the vacuum cleaner if she needs to and ensuring everything is perfect for clients.

Additionally, Winnie treats client’s houses like they are her very own. She is respectful, knowledgeable, and experienced in negotiating deals between English and Chinese clients. This is an invaluable asset to Sarah Tiplady and Julie Kelman-Poto given many of their properties are situated in the central suburbs where the Asian clientele forms a strong buyer and seller base.

Winnie’s skills are integral to ensure all parts of the market are represented when selling and buying in central Auckland. Not to mention, this gives them an added bonus to their clients who effectively get three licensed real estate agents to focus on selling their property – it’s 3 Harcourts agents for the price of 1!

We Go The Extra Mile For You

Sarah and Julie have a reputation for sales and service excellence for their clients.

Always going the extra mile to present properties to their highest potential and bending over backwards to get the deal done for the benefit of all parties. Based out of Harcourt’s Mt Albert, Julie and Sarah focus on sales over all the central Auckland suburbs. Wherever you are, we understand the common ground is that everybody wants the best result in selling their home and to work with reputable people that they can trust.

Julie Kelman-Poto – An Award-Winning Auckland Real Estate Agent

Meet The Team

With a proven track record for success winning awards for sales and service excellence, this team consistently get results because they put people first. If you are ready for a straight talking, down to earth approach to your real estate, call this dynamic duo. They care about people and they get results.

Sarah Tiplady

Sarah Tiplady

Real Estate Agent

Sarah brings her wealth of experience in marketing to the real estate industry, which gives her clients a real advantage. Constantly focused on creating the best possible presentation and marketing campaigns for her clients properties, Sarah approaches everything with the customer at the heart of what she does, from assisting the buyer or representing the best interests of her seller.

Straight talking, honest and down-to-earth, If you are looking for first class marketing, an inspiring approach to real estate and a person that genuinely cares – look no further. With Sarah Tiplady, you are in safe and experienced hands.

Julie Kelman-Poto

Julie Kelman-Poto

Real Estate Agent

Julie is no stranger to success and high performance following an extensive career in National Level Netball and Basketball in New Zealand. Armed with a mindset of achieving the highest standards, Julie has an abundance of determination, energy and drive that would make most people’s eyes water.

With achieving top results in her blood. Julie has extensive insight and experience in the real estate business. She has overseen rental divisions, mortgage divisions and office administration for busy real estate offices. Julie has also completed her full Real Estate Agent Licensee papers and this brings a deeper understanding to all of the legal aspects to the real estate transaction. If you are looking for an astute thinker that can solve almost any challenge in real estate and get you your top result – look no further than Julie.

Aaron Davis

Aaron Davis

Our Auctioneer

Aaron combines his real estate experience, wealth of negotiation skills and award-winning charm to get your property sold. As a licensed auctioneer and experienced real estate professional, Aaron works closely with real estate agents, vendors and potential buyers ensuring everyone is well prepared on auction day.

His clients rave about his quick wit and fresh, easy going attitude, which creates a relaxed auction environment while his well-polished script and ability to ready people makes for compelling bidding and first rate results. Whether you’ve got a unique property, a looming deadline or want the best price for your house, Aaron is the best auctioneer for the job.

Our Office

Located at 4 Mt Albert Rd, Mt Albert. Harcourts JK Realty Group is vibrant team with our unique contemporary style and total passion for connecting people with property, we aspire to provide the ultimate real estate experience for today’s modern consumer. Our offices have a special focus on marketing that get our clients results and enable us to sell with outstanding results all across Auckland.

Why Choose Us

Home Presentation

We really do specialise in advising clients on the best possible presentation for their homes when going to market. This often happens across several meetings where we can advise on decluttering, gardens, minor renovations or repairs. Our clients often find this a critical stage to avoid spending money unnecessarily that may not return any added value at the time of sale.

Tailor-Made Situation

No two properties are absolutely identical and all our clients have their own set of unique circumstances that must be taken into consideration. We tailor-make our approach to you and your property. We sell houses, units and apartments – all types of property big and small. The one constant is that everybody wants the best result in selling their home and to work with reputable people that they can trust.

Method of Sale Options

There are pros and cons to each method of sale. We are happy to talk you through the different methods available in New Zealand. Price by negotiation, auction, tender, set date of sale – let us discuss with you what might suit you and your property the best. One size does not fit all!