Property Selling Agents

Looking for property selling agents?

Sarah Tiplady and Julie Kelman-Poto from Harcourts specialise in selling residential properties in the central Auckland area. It can be a tough decision when trying to select the best agent to work with and represent your best interests in selling your property. There are many considerations that’s needed in the process.

However, choosing agents, especially award-winning ones with a stellar track record in sales and service, is always a reassuring decision. Experience counts when selling your biggest asset.

It’s normal to feel apprehensive about the possible costs of selling one’s property. Sarah Tiplady and Julie Kelman-Poto work very hard to put their clients at ease around any success fees or costs associated with selling your home. Not to mention, there are finance options available for marketing that can take the stress out of getting ready.

Looking for property selling agents
Some important things to be aware of is that the agent’s commission is essentially a success fee, and if you decide not to sell your property, then there is no commission to be paid. While some agents are very vigorous about sticking to agency commissions, we understand that everybody is in a different financial position. Rest assured, Sarah and Julie are very flexible about finding a structure that works best for you. They are flexible and open to conversations about the commission and any other costs that might be involved.

Sarah and Julie work exceptionally hard to take any stress or worry out of your selling process. Selling your property and the process of leading up to going on the market can actually be an enjoyable process with the right agents to guide you through! In fact, when you are looking for a listing agency or realtor, finding the right real estate agent is essential to you having a good experience and an excellent outcome.

Home Selling Agents – 5 Star Google Reviews!

This is what some of Harcourts clients have said about their experience with Sarah Tiplady and Julie Kelman-Poto when selling their Auckland real estate!
“Sarah & Julie did an absolutely outstanding job in marketing and selling our property. They are a formidable team – Sarah’s marketing skills mesh perfectly with Julie’s data and market-analysis expertise. They also provided exceptional advice on preparing the house for sale, with in-depth suggestions on simple and cost-effective improvements we could make to enhance saleability – from paint colour schemes and interior decoration to garden plantings. All in all, it was a fabulous experience…”
“These lovely ladies should be your first port of call if you sell or buy a property.

We sold our house with them at the very last minute and at a stressful time of the year (and an uncertain time in history)! Sarah and Julie made the process easy and as stress-free as possible. All approaches to selling were offered and explained to us. They helped us choose the right one for us.

We were never left wondering about anything, and they regularly provided updates.

Both are very experienced and knowledgeable. Professional, but not boring at all! We had loads of fun throughout the process. An amazing result was achieved, and it was above expectations.”

“There is nothing cookie-cutter about the way Sarah and Julie go about their role as real estate agents. From the outset, they were excellent communicators. They are genuine, professional, and warm, and their work ethic is second to none. We were so grateful for all that they did, from advising us on what to do to get our property market ready to an individualised marketing plan. Nothing was ever a problem. We were always kept in the loop with regular updates and given every opportunity to chat about where we were at with the campaign. We always felt confident that Sarah and Julie were committed to the best outcome for us. Selling your home can be extremely stressful, but it was made easy with Sarah and Julie at the helm!”

How to Pick an Agency for Selling Houses

A lot of clients ask: How do I pick an agency for selling houses, how do I pick a real estate agent that’s best for me? First things first, there is a distinction between a property selling agent and a buyers agent.

An agent that focuses on selling property is often known as a listing agent and represents the seller. In fact, the real estate agent who was selling the property has a legal responsibility to always put the needs of the seller first – it is their fiduciary responsibility.

The Real Estate Agents Authority (REA) sets out a code of conduct for real estate agents in New Zealand that clearly states, “A licensee must act in the best interests of a client and act in accordance with the client’s instructions unless to do so would be contrary to law.”

On the other hand, a buyers agent represents the buyer’s interests. They can assist in finding suitable properties and help with negotiating on behalf of the buyer through the purchase process. There are not as many buyers agents in New Zealand, however, there are agents that also work with buyers through the process.

Property Selling Agents
Sarah Tiplady and Julie Kelman-Poto specialise in being an agency and agents of choice for selling houses. Whilst they assist, guide, and have a duty of care to all buyers, their main legal responsibility is to the owners that they sell for. Being committed to their owner’s best interests whilst also looking after the buyers that come through their properties has been a recipe for success for Sarah and Julie over the last 10 years.

Experience counts when selling a home, and that is their main asset. Experience coupled with care and integrity can make all the difference, not just to the result that a seller gets through the sale process, but also to the overall experience.

This is one of the reasons that Sarah and Julie have such high five star Google reviews for their business. It is because they seek to look after their clients and have excellent working relationships with other real estate agents in the industry.