Searching for a Real estate Appraisal in NZ?

Getting a professional real estate appraisal ensures that you will get a comprehensive understanding of your property’s worth or value. Your home appraisal will take into account recent comparable sales in your immediate area and also review the current properties for sale around you.

The recent sales statistics in your area of comparable properties form the basis of your likely selling range. Other factors that influence this range are your property’s CVS floor size and land size, its view, school zones, or how it is positioned in terms of a busy road or amenities.
Beyond the data, your property appraisal is an opportunity to discuss aspects of selling your property worth your real estate agents, who can also advise on the best time to start the selling process and launch your property onto the market.

Sarah Tiplady and Julie Kelman-Poto ensure this part of your journey is as comprehensive as possible. It’s a moment where you can have open and transparent communication and foster a relationship built on trust and mutual understanding. It’s also an opportunity for Sarah and Julie to understand your preferences and priorities, tailor their approach to align with your goals, and understand the specific nuances of your own individual property.

What’s Involved in a Real Estate Appraisal NZ?

Getting a professional real estate appraisal with Sarah and Julie is a straightforward process.

  • Call, e-mail, or text Sarah, Julie, or Winnie to set up a time for your appraisal.
  • Sarah and Julie will come out and visit you at your property and have a quick look around. It is worth noting, and this is the legal requirement for an appraisal to have inspected the property.
  • Please note that at this stage, it’s not about having a tidy house with things perfectly ready for sale. It is purely about the agents assessing the overall condition (i.e. how many bedrooms, bathrooms, the aspect of the backyard, etc.)
  • Julie and Sarah will arrive with some preliminary sales information for you about what is happening in your area and also some other materials that may be useful to you whilst you consider selling your Auckland property.
  • Sarah and Julie can then return your Auckland property appraisal in person or e-mail along with a breakdown of commission, a calendar for approaching the market, and some marketing options to consider.
  • You will also be provided with some helpful guides on preparing your home for sale.

Can I get a free online real estate appraisal?

The short answer is yes, you can get a free online real estate appraisal. This appraisal is based on recent sales data and what is currently for sale in your area. It also considers your property CV, land size, and floor size. The only difference between that and a proper real estate appraisal is that the appraisal is not legally binding without inspecting the property. It can however give you a bit of an idea about what your property would go for if you’re not yet ready to take things to the next stage.

A Common Question – Cost of Real Estate Appraisal?

Please be assured that there is NO cost of a professional real estate appraisal with Sarah and Julie from Harcourts. You actually get a ton of information about your property and the surrounding area, plus some great tips for selling, and the start of a fantastic selling relationship – all with a free real estate appraisal.